As It Should Be

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Sometimes when I photograph a wedding I can tell the people getting married are not that into it. For me, that is heart wrenching. Then there are times when the people getting married can hardly contain themselves, they are so excited. I love those weddings. Even if I hardly know them, I can’t help but get caught up in their excitement and sometimes I even cry. Okay, admittedly, it doesn’t take much for me to cry, but I love it. I love love. I did a wedding recently that was by far my favorite of the season simply because the people getting married were so desperately in love. Just like in the movies, how fantastic. I couldn’t help but be completely taken by this couple, the bride especially, she was simply giddy and before the wedding just did not know what to do with herself. She was blissfully happy. She was a truly loved woman and she knew it. Women who know that are unstoppable. She was everything a bride should be. Femininity in its truest form: beautiful, breathtaking, glowing, assured, open, free, alluring, adored, powerful in beauty and grace, confident, fearless, reverent. A wedding, as it should be. 029bvcl023bvse024bvse077bvcl011bvcl031bvbw070bvcl

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