Love in the Time of COVID-Part 2

April Williams Destination, Travel, Weddings

As luck would have it, Blake and Eli were already getting married in Montana. They were already getting married outside. They were already having their reception outside. So, that worked out. Whew! Just add in some masks and a few more rules and no probs. Business as usual. Thank goodness!

They got married on an absolute perfect day, with all of their friends and family who flew in from all over the country, because who would miss this? under the full, ripe cherry trees with deer in the background on her parents lake property. How very Montana of them. I didn’t make them jump in the lake this time though, just a dip of a toe in the water. They were dressed up this time.

To make this even more idyllic, I had told them that I had asked the deer visiting the orchard where they were getting married the next day, to come back for a little deer date at the wedding. Eli then proceeded to tell me that he’d been feeding the deer cherries every day for a week at the exact time of the ceremony in hopes that they would do that very thing. And, true to form, or Pavlov, there they were on their little romantic deer date at the ceremony.

So, everything went off without a hitch, completely free of hitches. You didn’t get this one, 2020.