Wedding packages always vary on the individual needs of the bride and groom. Pricing begins at $2,499 for complete wedding packages.

Engagement sessions are $350 and include (10) high-resolution, hand-edited files of your choice. To request a custom quote for your special day contact me here.
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Portraits are shot at the location of your choice. One hour sitting session is $375 and includes (10) high-resolution, hand-edited files of your choice. Unlimited outfits, people, pets, or things within the allotted time frame are included. Sessions can also include storytelling times such as:

  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Getting ready for school dances
  • Family game nights
  • Parties
  • Births
  • Vacations
  • Any occasion you want to remember
It’s the perfect opportunity to get great photos and not get stuck behind the camera—so you can simply experience the moment!

Life as Art

It's more than my brand. It's my passion. But what does Life as Art mean?

We Find The Real

Real moments lead to real memories that matter. There is no need to generate or manufacture the beauty and realities of our lives. My job is just to capture the moments as they pass. I want you to feel comfortable and connected so that your photos showcase your unique story.

Classic Photography that lasts

With over 15 years of experience, I've seen photography trends come and go. But, the real goal of photography is to deliver memories that hold up to time. We tell the story that your event paints. Some are bright and colorful, while others are best shared in black & white. Whatever the feel we want it to hold up against the clock, so you can be proud of your memories as they grow farther into the distance.

Art made for Showcasing

I very much believe in the idea that photography was meant to be seen as art. Sure some photos are great for sharing via phone or looking at in a small frame. But some photography is at its best when delivered as artwork. Grand photos hanging on walls to be seen by everyone that comes into your home.