Photograph of shop keeper in Italy

Italy: A Love Story, Day Seven

April WilliamsDestination, Travel

Today comes with a warning of sorts, so here it is:  this posting contains a lot of photos.  As much as we were in love with Florence, we felt the same about Montepulciano.  It is everything you imagine and hope the depths of Tuscany to be.  Located in the southern part of Tuscany, it is one of the many walled, …

File0329 - Photography by Aril Williams

Italy: A Love Story, Day Four

April WilliamsDestination, Travel

I feel the need to start this post with a thorough apology for making everyone wait to find out about the rest of our trip.  I’ve been insanely busy and will do my best to keep up with this.  I’m terribly sorry!  Now that that’s been said, here’s how day four began… As it was Sunday, we started our next …