A Girl’s Best Friend

April 21, 2011

Okay, so maybe that’s misleading, this isn’t particularly about diamonds, but it is about jewelry.  Also, misleading because we all know we wouldn’t give up our real best friends for all things sparkly, but jewelry really is so wonderful!  That being said, I sometimes work with one of my favorite clients, Diana Acuesta, a jewelry designer who continually amazes me with all the beautiful and whimsical things she comes up with.  I am always so excited when I see her name pop up on my caller ID and I hear her saying on the other end, “April, I have some more jewelry for you to shoot…”.  Oh, it’s just so wonderful because I then get to drive over to her house and see all of the fantastical things she has just made and is unveiling to the world.  Oh, yeah, and I often get to come home with a few new baubles that I just couldn’t resist.  I LOVE it!  It really makes for a wonderful day.  So, recently I got the call to photograph her new spring line, in a word, gorgeous.  As always.  She told me she wanted things to look earthy and natural, so I went all around scouting out all things organic and spring-y to photograph the jewelry and really make it pop.  Of course, my favorite part about photographing the jewelry is photographing the jewelry on models.  We always have so much fun and there’s always something to make us giggle, like this time it was freezing and the poor dears had to wear these little gauzy tops.  What you can’t see is the bright orange rainboots they had to wear because it was so muddy in the field we were at.  Anyway, I just couldn’t resist showing you all some of my favorites.   If you absolutely can’t live without, you can find Diana’s jewelry at Lily Atelier in Camas, WA or online at www.somethingsilver.com.  Go ahead drool.

237ds - Photography by Aril Williams226ds - Photography by Aril Williams

254ds - Photography by Aril Williams

206ds - Photography by Aril Williams

231ds - Photography by Aril Williams

146ds - Photography by Aril Williams

221ds - Photography by Aril Williams

188ds - Photography by Aril Williams
058ds - Photography by Aril Williams

082ds - Photography by Aril Williams

010ds - Photography by Aril Williams