A Job Well Done

February 1, 2012

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love weddings and everything associated with them.  In the end, what I love best is the couple and all their little nuances and moments and the things that make them them.  It’s my job to showcase that.  If I accomplish that, I’ve done my job.

But almost even better than new weddings are old weddings, well, not really old weddings, but remakes.  They are like old wine and good jeans, always better with time.  These are the real tearjerkers for me.  To see that people have made it 10, 15, 20 years or more is so awesome and truly inspiring to me.  That’s a big deal these days.  And every year that I am married to my husband I get more and more excited about those anniversaries.

I always tell brides and grooms that I love being married and I think that comes through in my photographs.  I become absolutely captivated by how much love people can have for each other.  It’s truly awesome.  I also tell them that marriage doesn’t have to suck, that there are therapists for that, and believe me that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Marriage is work, but the good kind.  Vow renewals are like college graduations.  A celebration for a job well done and a knowledge of what you’ve accomplished.  That’s so fantastic.  That being said, here are some photos of a job well done, a couple who put in the hard work and have reaped the benefits.  Kudos to you, Jim and Natalie, I can’t wait until your 50th!

006njse1 - Photography by Aril Williams

018njcl - Photography by Aril Williams

059njcl - Photography by Aril Williams

017njbw - Photography by Aril Williams

021njbw - Photography by Aril Williams