Cool by Association

July 1, 2011

I am not the cool one in my family, cute, sometimes funny, but not the cool one.  The cool one is my brother.  I’m not saying this in a jealous way, I’m saying this in a “yeah, I’m with the band” kind of way and in this case, that statement is completely true.  Part of what makes my brother cool is that he actually is in a band, a really cool one.  And he’s the lead singer.  And is a natural lady killer, has been all his life.  My husband would even tell you that.  Part of what makes him cool, he doesn’t care about that.  He only cares that you hear his music and, let me tell you what, he is a shameless, and I mean shameless, self promoter.  The good news is when you hear his music you don’t have to make something up to make him go away, it’s actually really good.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m his sister, really I’m not.  So, when he invited Vince (that’s my husband) and I to drop by the warehouse where he was filming his first video I was stoked.

Unfortunately, we had to miss the part where the aerial acrobats were being filmed.  Bummer.  But it was so cool to see my brother and the band in action with a real live film crew.  Now, this film crew is big time, they recently just did a video for Katy Perry, I know, cool, huh?  I was having the time of my life shooting pictures of all this!  My little photographer’s dream has always been to emulate my favorite photographer, William Claxton, who mostly shot jazz musicians, so for me this was heaven!

I couldn’t wait to get home and work on the pictures, of course I had to wait a little while because deadlines are deadlines, but last night I finally got to work on them and just had to blog about it right away.  They turned out so cool!  Almost as cool as Andrew (that’s my brother).  I know I might be tooting my own horn, or maybe Andrew’s, but I think you might agree.  If you’d like to check out my brother’s band, Far Cry, you can hear their music at  The video should be up on their site in the next month or so.  So, hat’s off to my really cool little brother, you’ll see, he’s cool.

007fv1 - Photography by Aril Williams015fv1 - Photography by Aril Williams019fv1 - Photography by Aril Williams

035fv - Photography by Aril Williams044fv - Photography by Aril Williams045fv - Photography by Aril Williams