Crazy/Cool Portrait Session

August 6, 2009

I know people think I was created by butterflies and rainbows, but recently I had a chance to bring out my inner Goth.  I have recently been working with jewelry designer, Diana Acuesta, who makes amazing and fantastical things (these wonderful things can be found at Lily Atelier in Camas, WA and soon on her website, to which I will have a link when it happens.  I digress…).  Anyway, Diana called and asked me if I could do this kooky shoot with her and some friends who were into Halloween and all things Gothy.  I absolutely agreed, because anything with Diana is fun, and we wound up at the cemetery on Mill Plain and Grand ready for an evening of creepy.  I had SO much fun and really had an opportunity to be super creative, I obviously can’t shoot a wedding this way, well, I could if you were into that kind of thing.  Anyway, it was great and I wanted to share some of my favorite shots with the world.  038df - Photography by Aril Williams22df - Photography by Aril Williams002df - Photography by Aril Williams001df - Photography by Aril Williams011df - Photography by Aril Williams16df - Photography by Aril Williams