Go Get ‘Em Boys

May 27, 2011

Earlier this year amongst all the rain, I desperately needed just two hours of rain-free shooting.  The thing is, I had a portrait session I needed to get perfect.  The Dillon boys, Jake and Brian, were getting ready to present themselves to the worlds of acting and modeling and I needed to get it right.  You can’t just show up to casting directors and model scouts with mediocre pictures.  Believe me when I say they will tear you apart.   You may have gone your whole life believing that cute little mole by your mouth was endearing until facing those sharks.  It is called a beauty mark after all.  Suddenly your endearing mole is unsightly and, “have you ever considered getting that thing removed?”  Well, no, you think, no one has ever called it ‘that thing’ and, well, maybe it’s not as cute as I once thought.  Why didn’t my friends tell me it was such a problem?!  I’m telling you, these boys needed to look good!  So, just in time, in dramatic fashion, I was blessed with two hours of rain-free shooting.  Of course, the minute we all got into our cars it began to rain, but I think the boys look pretty good, beauty? mark free and all, don’t you?  Go get ’em boys!

005db - Photography by Aril Williams025db - Photography by Aril Williams038db1 - Photography by Aril Williams057db - Photography by Aril Williams072db - Photography by Aril Williams085db - Photography by Aril Williams