November 7, 2009

There are times during a portrait session that I wish I could do something a little crazy, but, for whatever reason, I don’t feel the liberty to do so. It also isn’t very often that I’m photographing just one adult woman. There are seniors, but there are things, in my opinion that make them seem too old, they are still teenagers after all, and against popular belief, or pop culture, they should be their age. All that to say, I realized I was missing a muse. Someone I was truly inspired by and who was willing to take some risks and allow me to try new things on them. My friend Nicole was once my muse, but she moved away and ever since I’ve been needing in that department.

So, I started the hunt. It actually didn’t take me long because I already knew Amy from church and after taking a good hard look at her one Sunday across the pews, I knew she was it. She agreed and we had our first portrait session. It was at her house because her sweet little baby was sleeping and she needed to stay close by. I was having a wonderful time, feeling completely inspired and free knowing I was taking pictures of someone just for the fun of it. I was having good memories of when Nicole and I would go and get film from the media department and take pictures of each other as cheap entertainment. We would always have such a good time, and some of those pictures I still use today. This was how things started for me and how I discovered I had a good eye. So, that being said, here are some pictures of my time with Amy, my new muse. 005ag001ag002ag003ag006ag007ag