One of Us

September 9, 2010

It recently occurred to me that I had not posted a blog about any of the many wonderful weddings I’ve done this year.  What a tragedy!  Incredibly bizarre, as well, since weddings are one of my absolute favorite things to photograph.  So, here I am with my first wedding of the year in January.

First things first, I LOVED this couple, Mitch and Morgan.  They were super in love, super cute, super excited to be getting married and I loved it all superbly.  I had such a good time when I first met them for coffee to talk about their wedding, it was like meeting up with old friends.  I always enjoy this time because I get to talk with the couple or bride all about the little details and what they mean to them.  This particular couple was planning the wedding that I would want.  Yes, I’m already married, but I would get married to my husband every year if I could afford it and if he would let me just to have a new dress and new details.

They got married at Bethany Vineyards, which is now one of my favorite places to photograph.  It’s gorgeous there and Walt, the owner and Morgan’s uncle, is incredibly fun and hospitable.  It was such a beautiful wedding and everyone was so moved by Mitch and Morgan, that even I was crying.  It was perfect.  This particular wedding was a wonderful example of why I love what I do, it is such an honor to be a part of one of the most important days in one’s life.  I really feel humbled to have the opportunity to share that with my brides and grooms and to get to see things from such a unique and intimate perspective.  With couples and families like these, I always end up feeling like part of the family, what a tremendous blessing.0020mmse - Photography by Aril Williams0026mmse - Photography by Aril Williams0043mmcl - Photography by Aril Williams0098mmcl - Photography by Aril Williams0108mmcl - Photography by Aril Williams0122mmcl - Photography by Aril Williams