Spring Installment 1 (hopefully there will be a 2nd)

May 9, 2011

009as - Photography by Aril WilliamsToday, I was planning to blog about something completely different.

I think I’ve fallen head over heels in love with spring.  It’s shockingly beautiful when you really look at it.  This picture of pink trees is the view I get when I turn left onto Mill Plain from my house.  Something so completely mundane matched with something so absolutely stunning.  I can’t get over it.

I think of a million things…

My friend, Jenna, who just died of colon cancer and how it is fitting for her to die in spring.  I’d never asked her if it was her favorite season, but I’m sure it was.  She would love these pictures.

The way God makes all things new and how he likes to brag about it by giving us spring.

The way He is making me new right now and how I don’t really like it, it’s hard work to change in your 30’s.  It’s also hard work for flowers and trees to burst forth into blossom.  I hope I look as beautiful as they do when it’s all said and done.

The way spring smells, I love it.  Fresh and earthy.  Lilacs and grass and dirt.

How fantastically blessed I am to live in the PNW.  Most of these pictures come from things I see on my run.  The mundane meets the magnificent.

Beauty from ashes, life from death, spring from winter.

“I wonder how many things I’ve held without feeling them at all, how many sunsets I’ve seen without seeing.  I wonder when I stopped believing in magic:  the things that escape logic, delighting the part of us all that still wants to be shown there are other worlds, other places, other ways that we are not privy to, or owners of.  I am watching life…burst into… Technicolor, right in front of me, and I am sending love notes to the God who made it so.”

001as - Photography by Aril Williams004as - Photography by Aril Williams007as - Photography by Aril Williams010as - Photography by Aril Williams015as - Photography by Aril Williams016as - Photography by Aril Williams024as - Photography by Aril Williams025as - Photography by Aril Williams030as - Photography by Aril Williams