Spring Installment 2

June 17, 2011

While I know that it’s the middle of June, and I don’t think technically spring anymore, I had just a few more things to say about spring.

First, I already miss it.

Second, there’s a field I pass on my way to church every Sunday that, in the spring, takes my breath away.  There are two places in the world that when I pass by them in my car, I drive much slower and I have nicknamed them my “moment of zen”.  They are both so perfect, so other-worldly that I absolutely must stare.  I can’t help myself.  This field in the spring is one of them.  In fact, this year when I passed by with my husband, he was driving, I took in such a sharp breath and gave out a little yelp that I scared my husband and almost caused him to get in an accident.  It’s that beautiful!  I’ve told myself every year that I was going to go and ask the owner of that field if I could photograph, someone, anyone in it, but for whatever reason, I never got around to it.  Well, this year I was determined and two days later I was on the doorstep of the owner of that wonderful field asking if I could have just a moment in it.  Apparently, I wasn’t the first to ask because all I said was, “Hi, I am desperately in love with your field and I’m a photographer…” and she responded, “Sure, go ahead.”  Woohoo!  So, the next day, I was there in my moment of zen photographing my mother-in-law, some of my best friends, and the owner’s daughter (we decided to do a little trade, the use of her field for some pictures).  What came out are currently some of my favorite pictures right now and I just had to share!

079mf - Photography by Aril Williams008mf - Photography by Aril Williams013mf - Photography by Aril Williams058mf - Photography by Aril Williams059mf - Photography by Aril Williams074mf - Photography by Aril Williams004lc - Photography by Aril Williams032wn - Photography by Aril Williams039wn - Photography by Aril Williams