The Importance of Legacy

December 10, 2020
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That’s such a big word, legacy. Big in that it holds a lot of weight. Weight to get it right. Weight to persevere, to make sure you keep doing the tradition, whatever that might be. Weight to be an example. All of that weight aside though, legacy is really just the passing down of who you are, who you are as a family, who you are as a couple, etc. That’s what I’m here for.

armerdingfamily2020 5334 - Photography by Aril Williams
armerdingfamily2020 5362 - Photography by Aril Williams

I’ve been photographing this family every year for Christmas ever since Franny was two. It took a few years before she would smile for the photos and now she begs me to take her picture. Through the years we’ve become friends through this tradition, creating this legacy for them family. Like legit, real friends. I’ve loved doing this as much as they do and every year we talk about what we might do next year. I’ve loved watching the girls grow (also, they need to slow down!) and watching John and Tracy’s love grow together. I love these people. John told me once how important it was to him that we do this every year, how he loved looking back at the photos and seeing his family over the years. Me too.

armerdingfamily2020 5165 - Photography by Aril Williams
armerdingfamily2020 5281 - Photography by Aril Williams
armerdingfamily2020 5436 - Photography by Aril Williams

So, in the wake of this year it felt even more important to continue this tradition, this legacy. So, socially distanced and masked I showed up at their house and we took photos on their doorstep, documenting who they’ve become over this crazy year. I’m not gonna lie, I cried seeing them again. I missed them so much and we had so much fun! Tracy told me they were her favorite photos yet! She kind of says that every year, but it makes me so happy every time.

armerdingfamily2020 5549 1 - Photography by Aril Williams

So, here’s to legacy, to tradition. To continuing on and doubling down and laughing in the face of the chaos and pain and uncertainty of this year. Keep calm and carry on, my friends!