Watching My Garden Grow

June 4, 2021
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Every morning I wake up and spend a little time outside. Yep, I’m still in my PJs. I just wander out there and see what’s happened overnight. What needs a little water? Did more strawberries pop up (that’s the exciting question right now)? How’s that new peony doing that I planted? This is not how it’s always been for me, but as I’ve gotten older, the old lady gardener has come out in me and these are the things I get excited about.

So, if I love that, just imagine how much more I love watching my families grow! I really do! It’s one of my absolute favorite things. I’ve talked a lot about how becoming your wedding photographer also means that we get into a bit of a relationship together and that’s really because I hope that you’ll want to keep me around. Truly. I want to keep seeing you!

This is Ashley and Ian. We are in a serious relationship at this point. Here’s our story together.

We met at a bridal show, where I meet a lot of my new relationships. Originally, the wedding was supposed to happen in September 2019. I was super excited about their wedding because they were doing a circus theme! YES, please! Anyway, Ashley accidentally chipped one of her front teeth a few months before the wedding. That’s not exactly something you want in your wedding photos. We then found out that it would take almost a whole year before it would be fully fixed. A whole year! Yep, did you notice that? A whole year landed us smack dab in the middle of 2020.

This also meant that we had to postpone the engagement session we had planned at Oaks Park. Sigh.

I promise this story gets better! So, with a few stops and starts and many conversations and months later, we finally were able to do the engagement session at Oaks Park even. We just had to, because, circus theme! It was not exactly what we had originally planned, it was closed and we had to get special permission to be in there and no rides were running and there was no cotton candy to be had, but with props provided by Ian and Ashley themselves, including a bubble machine, I might add, we did a pretty fantastic job, I think.

ashleyandianengaged2020 4057 - Photography by Aril Williams

A few months later, we did actually have the wedding amidst COVID and masks and ever changing restrictions, and, oh, yeah, did I mention a LOT of smoke from nearby forest fires and then, thankfully, rain, but also not so thankfully because we really needed the ceremony to be under the big tree at Adeline Farms. It did rain and I mean, dump, during the ceremony, but we were not to be deterred. This was happening, people, come hell or high water, literally, high water.

kuchmanwedding2020 6915 2 - Photography by Aril Williams
kuchmanwedding2020 6702 1 - Photography by Aril Williams

The wedding was beautiful and still circus themed, both literally and figuratively, but our relationship was not over as a few months later Ashley and Ian called to tell me that they were pregnant!

kuchmanmaternity2021 6364 1 - Photography by Aril Williams
kuchmanmaternity2021 6368 1 - Photography by Aril Williams

So, here we are in the next phase of our relationship and I get the best seat in the house as I watch this little family grow and flourish. I can’t wait to show you photos of beautiful Emrie when she is born, but for now, this little plant only contains two flowers and I am so proud of them and think they are so beautiful!

kuchmanmaternity2021 6731 - Photography by Aril Williams