Your Day, Your Moments, Your Story

March 24, 2012
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That’s my new tagline, I’ve decided.  I like it.

I needed to put an ad in the pamphlet for Brides and Basketball, a bridal show I will be a part of on the 1st of April at the Memorial Coliseum right before the Blazers battle it out with the Timberwolves. I would love to see you there, the show begins at 4:00 and when you purchase tickets to go to the show, you get to go to the game afterward for free.  Can you tell they want you to bring your dude?

Anyway, I will be at the show and I needed to come up with an ad.  When my husband, who is my part time graphic designer, so underpaid, but much loved, asked me what I wanted my ad to say, I was stumped.  “I don’t know, ” was my response.  I really didn’t.  I knew I wanted it to be about you and your story because that’s what I feel my job is, to tell your story.  The story of your wedding day, your family, your life.  Those make for the best photos.  I really couldn’t think beyond that.

A quick trip to the bathroom and I was inspired, your day, your moments, your story.  The bathroom can be so inspirational at times.  So, that’s my new motto.  It’s exactly what I’m all about.  I want to tell your story and capture your moments.  I want you to leave feeling understood.

I wanted you to see what I mean and, so, I’ve included some of those moments where I feel like I really nailed it.

[one_half] 037jdcl - Photography by Aril Williams

039bbbw - Photography by Aril Williams

043ds - Photography by Aril Williams

033gf - Photography by Aril Williams
[/one_half][one_half_last] 052hf - Photography by Aril Williams

031lc - Photography by Aril Williams

042pk - Photography by Aril Williams

075jj - Photography by Aril Williams