Nines – Portland Bride and Groom Bridal Show

February 23, 2016
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Yesterday the Nines Hotel was packed with beautiful hallway after beautiful hallway, as the Portland Bride and Groom Bridal Show got under way. The show was a great opportunity to meet with excited brides and (some) not-so-excited grooms. But it was also an opportunity to meet with other providers–some of whom really stood out in their craft.

Here is a list of some of the other wedding providers that I found at this classy and wonderful show.

Reedville Catering: This team truly understands the Portland Farm-to-table experience. Chef Carl brought two main samples to try. A bold move to commit to such a small sample size, but a risk that paid off. The limited selection only enhanced their focus on quality over quantity and allowed them to really shine with their two superb bites.

The standout, for me, was the description of the journey my mouth was going to take as I bit into a Pork Belly spoonful lightly topped with a preserve and Thistle? (I’m sorry chef. I could never describe it as good as you.)–first sweet and fatty, then savory, and finally the heat. The heat was perfect. I’ve eaten quite a bit of amazing food, but never encountered such a perfect balance of heat.

If finding a great caterer is coming up for your wedding, then I would strongly suggest Reedville Catering.

1927 S’mores: 1927 S’mores has been at two recent events we have attended, and both times they have impressed. The idea of taking the classic s’more to the next level of gourmet is truly inspired. At 1927 S’mores you’ll find a fun experience that only leaves you wanting–shall I say it…s’more. From Earl gray and lemon curd, to classic combinations like salted caramel, this fun event cart should be a perfect addition to anyone wanting to have a little fun on their wedding day. All of the marshmallows are made by the team, so the entire experience is custom and unique. Just imagine a campfire S’more made by Gordon Ramsey and you have the idea.

Fern and Grace Vintage Rental: Maria from Fern and Grace helped make our section of the show absolutely beautiful. They have rustic wonderland down. I was impressed by their selection of rentals, and she mentioned to me that they were expanding to even a larger selection. If you are looking for rentals that will create an gorgeous atmosphere at your wedding, then I have to recommend Fern and Grace.

I know how passionate my wife is about weddings, and it shows in her work. I can see that same love in all of the services I mentioned above. I know the Nines was packed with great vendors and there are certainly more that I did not get a chance to meet. But the people we met at the show this year were a real treat, and I can’t wait to see them at other events in the future, and maybe I’ll get another S’more.