Update Your Relationship Status

February 5, 2021
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Yea! You’re engaged! Time to update your relationship status, sister.

Now you have a wedding to plan. Which during any other time in recent history, no problem. You know where to start. That’s not entirely the case these days and as you start sifting through the possibilities of where and what and how, you find you’ve landed in a sea of choices and don’t know what’s a good choice and what will end up resounding in your head as, “You’ve chosen poooorrrly.” I can talk about many other things in the wedding arena, but let’s talk about the thing I know best, photography.

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Here’s the thing about choosing your wedding photographer that you may not know, what happens between you and your photographer becomes a relationship. Like a real, legit, they’re-involved-in-your-life relationship. Especially now, in these times of, “are we going to postpone or go small or elope or bump the date yet again?”. Especially now. They are in your biz-nas! My joke has always been that you need to feel good about your photographer because they will see you in your underwear and you have to feel okay with that. I’ve seen lots of people in their underwear. And, you know what? Their secret is safe with me. That’s the kind of relationship you’re in. It’s serious, folks. Did you know that the life span of the relationship you have with your photographer, just for your wedding, usually lasts about one and a half years?! And, that’s when life is normal. These days, that relationship is estimated to last as long as four! Some of my relationships right now are at two and a half and still going strong. Go us!

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So, here’s the thing, yes, you have to like their photos, but there are lots of good photographers out there, how do you differentiate one from the other? You have to have chemistry! You have to like them. You have to know that they’re a good fit for you and your fiance and that you will be well cared for throughout the length of your relationship. And you know what makes this relationship the best? They have to do everything for you! Go ahead, throw your laundry on the floor, they’ll pick it up. This relationship is all about you!

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Another reason to allow me into your business? So I can know you and know what’s important to you and know what’s NOT important to you. I will know that you really want a photo with your special aunt, but not with your not-so-special aunt (sorry, Auntie.). I will know when a moment is especially meaningful and know your inside sayings and jokes and how to show that in a photo that’s meaningful to you. I will know if something is going sideways that day or if you’re feeling nervous or concerned or exceedingly happy because I will KNOW you. That’s what happens in this relationship.

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So, instead of focusing on just the cost, consider looking at it from the perspective that you are starting a relationship. Will you swipe left or right? Do you like their photos? Swipe right. Do they have good reviews? Swipe right. Do you think there’s longevity here and you’re vibing? Swipe right, girlfriend!

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I can’t wait to hear from you! I’ll be waiting anxiously by my phone hoping you like this blog and over evaluating every response!